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On-farm testing

On-farm testing to identify the location specificity of agricultural technologies under various farming systems.

On-farm testing1
On-farm testing2

On Farm Testing (OFTs) during 2016-17

Sl. No. Crop Title Number Amount (Rs.)
1 Coconut and flowers Assessment of commercial flower crops in Coconut based cropping system 3 18160
2 Onion Assessment of Onion varieties for Rrabi 3 12600
3 Redgram Assessment of high yielding varieties of Redgram for disease tolerance 3 9000
4 Mushroom Assessment of agricultural crop waste as substrate for Oyster Mushroom cultivation 5 11500
5 Groundnut Assessment of weeders as drudgery reducing equipments in Groundnut 3 15000
   Total   17 66260